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What you need:

Paper bag (or any paper)

A heart template


Glue or tape

Watercolor paint

If you're looking for a super cheap but cute craft that'll add a little Valentine's Day flair to your space, you've come to the right spot!

I cut a brown paper bag to make these hearts, but they'd also look great if they're made out of coordinating craft paper. Super cute, right? Depending on the paper you choose, you can make even these hearts for a holiday: Christmas or Thanksgiving or birthday, etc.

To start, find a heart shape that you like. (I scrolled through Google's image library and found this one right away.) Then, print out four different sizes (go to the "scale" option in your print page and adjust the setting). I used 15, 25, 35, 45 percent of the image so that each heart increased by ten percent. Of course, if you'd just like to draw your hearts freehand, go ahead and do that. For some reason, I always have trouble drawing hearts and they always end up lopsided. I have MUCH respect for anyone who can draw an perfect heart.

The next step is to cut out your heart templates and use them as a guide when you cut the hearts out of the paper bag (or whatever paper you decide to use). I folded my template and then I put the folded edge against the folded edge of the paper bag. That way, you can be fairly sure that one side of your heart is a perfect match for the other side. (Romantic, right?) Plus, the fold down the middle gives each heart a 3D effect. I like the curly edges, too.

I painted some of the hearts with red watercolor, just to add a splash of color because I wanted to put some Valentine's red into our decor. The paint dried quickly, but it did curl the edges a little too much. I plopped a book on top to flatten that out. No worries.

I dropped a thin ribbon of glue down the middle of each heart and stuck them together.

I knew that I wanted these hearts to stand up on a small shelf, so I cut out a small rectangle from the sturdy base of the paper bag and used it to prop up the heart. (See picture to the right.) If you want, you can add a strip of tape to keep everything together.

I decided not to glue all of the edges of the hearts because I liked seeing that 3D texture. If you prefer the hearts to be flatter, glue all of the edges. (I just used craft glue. Tape would certainly work, too.) You might notice that each heart looks different, which is kind of fun, you know?

The final result added a whole lot of personality to the small shelf that stands in our living room. Basically, this project was "free" because I had all of the ingredients at home.

Thanks for making stuff with me!



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