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Paper, glue, scissors...BOO!

Supplies needed:

Printer paper

White glue


Paint brush


Sturdy, rolled-up socks

I wanted to make some ghosts to haunt our bookshelves, but I didn't feel like running to the art store for supplies. I looked around the house and realized I had lots of printer paper, so that's what I used!

I cut the printer paper into a haphazard circle (precision isn't necessary), briefly dunked the paper into some water, and then draped the wet paper over a sturdy pair of rolled-up socks. (I also tried to drape the paper over a glass, but that didn't work well. It stuck to the glass when it dried.)

Mix one part white glue with two parts water (I used 22 grams of glue and 44 grams of water). Then dab the glue/water mix on the wet paper ghosts and allow them to dry. Be gentle, because the wet paper can rip. Allow the paper to dry. My ghosts needed 5 hours to dry, but perhaps they would've dried sooner if it hadn't been so humid. The glue/water mix will make the paper retain its shape.

Cut out eyes and mouths and glue 'em on your ghosts. These paper ghosts are super inexpensive, very lightweight, and willing to haunt the darkest corners of your spooky home.


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