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Make a notebook!

I found a whole bunch of college-ruled paper we no longer need, so I decided to make my own notebooks out of it.

You'll need:


Fancy paper for the cover (optional)

Mod Podge*


(*You can make your own Mod Lodge with white glue and water.)

Here are the steps:

Fortunately, I have one of those big ol' super-duper paper cutters, so I used that to trim the paper to the size I wanted (4" x 5.5"). Of course, scissors will work too.

Paper clips will help the stack of paper remain in place while you apply glue along the top edge.

Paint Mod Podge along the top edge of the notebook. If you don't have Mod Podge, you can make your own with white glue and water. There's all sorts of recipes online. I recently found one that said to mix 1 cup of glue with 1/3 cup water. Use the recipe that sounds right to you.

I added a sheet of fancy paper to the front of my homemade notebooks, just for fun. I'm thinking of giving them away for gifts. Keep the notebooks clipped while the glue dries.

When the glue is dry, you should be able to rip off a sheet of paper just like you'd do so with any notebook. The great thing about making these is you can make them as thick or as thin as you like!

Happy making!




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