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Reuse that pretty candle jar

Your candle is about to gasp its last breath. The flame is guttering, the wick barely exists, and there's some melted wax pooled at the bottom of the candle's jar (or cup or mug or whatever container holds your candle). Want to reuse that container now that the candle is gone? Here's what you do:

First step: Line a glass with aluminum foil, blow out your candle, and pour the remaining melted wax into the "well" formed by the aluminum foil. (Use an oven mitt if the candle's jar is too hot to handle with your bare hand.) Throw away the leftover wax when it cools.

Second step: Remove the base of the wick and throw away. Use a paper towel to wipe down the interior of the jar in order to remove any remaining wax.

Third step: Allow glass jar to cool and then soak in sudsy warm water to soften any labels that might be on your jar. (Dawn dishwashing liquid works well for me.) After an hour or two of soaking, peel the labels off the jar and then use a firm sponge to remove any leftover glue from the label. (A cold Scrub Daddy sponge works well for this step.)

Fourth step: Plop the jar in the dishwasher to get extra clean.

Fifth step: Use your pretty jar.

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