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Get a jump start on your garden.

What you need:

Clean, empty milk jugs


Duct tape




Have you tried growing plants from seed, only to transplant them outside and watch them fail? Don't have any room in your basement to grow seedlings? Don't want to invest in expensive grow lights and shelving? Try growing your seeds outside. Yep, even when it's the end of winter and there's snow on the ground! (I start growing my impatiens at the end of February/beginning of March.)

First step: collect some plastic milk jugs, rinse them out, and cut them around the middle, like so:

You can cut all the way around the middle if you like. I opted to cut 3/4s of the way around so the top was still connected to the bottom. That way, I didn't have to worry about matching tops to bottoms.

Next step: mix about 6 handfuls (or cups) of dirt with about one cup of water. You need to make sure the dirt is moist but not soggy. (The dirt should clump together after you squeeze it.) Put the moist dirt into the milk jug.

Plant the seeds in the dirt (don't overcrowd). I planted 9 impatiens seeds per container, with lots of room between the seeds.

Next: put duct tape all round the middle (to seal the cut).

Voila! You've made a terrarium that will provide a warm place for your seeds to grow. Place outside in a spot where the containers will receive good sunlight. The open top will allow some rain (or snow) to get inside and keep the soil moist.

After the last frost passes, you'll have hardy flowers ready to plant in your garden.

From my garden to yours,


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