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Find a page-turner and cuddle up, buttercup.

There are sooooo many great romance novels out there, but how do we find one that'll contain all the feels, plot twists, and yummy surprises?

I solved this dilemma by following a bunch of romance bookstagrammers on Instagram. What's a bookstagrammer? Well, they love books. They post pictures of books. And they review books. And if a romance bookstagrammer loves a book, changes are that I'll love it too.

And scrolling through their Instagram feeds is a feast for the eyes.

Check out @RomancingThePenguin or @TheEndBookClub or @MollysReadingAdventure or @gigiReadsRomance or @RomanceBookJunkie or @HeatherReadsTooMuch and you'll see what I mean. Fun pictures of romance novels, announcements of upcoming releases, and honest reviews.

Because I follow a few romance bookstagrammers on Instagram, I tried reading BEACH READ, by Emily Henry. THE DEVIL IS A BARQUESS, by Elisa Braden. And DARING AND THE DUKE, by Sarah MacLean. All of these books were thoroughly entertaining!

I tend to read a lot of historical romance or first-person point-of-view romance, particularly when I'm in the midst of writing a novel (pretty much always). Because I write contemporary romance that's third-person point-of-view, I try to avoid reading that when I'm writing my first draft (because I'm terrified of inadvertently using a great phrase that I read in someone else's book!!!). So, it's mostly historical romances for me while I'm writing the first draft of THE PERFECT FLAW.

Where do you find new books to try?




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