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These books live up to the hype!

I was reluctant to read the Bromance books because so many people love these books. Honestly, I was afraid these stories wouldn't live up to the hype. Boy, was I wrong. This series has a unique concept (men who read romance novels to solve their problems) and every story is exceptionally well-written, with laugh-out-loud humor, heart-tugging emotion, great sex scenes, and flawed characters that are wonderfully human. These books definitely fit into the "I can't wait to keep reading this story" category. And when you finish each book, you'll probably want to read them again.

The Bromance Book Club (Book One) features Gavin Scott, whose marriage is on the rocks. He's just discovered that his wife has been "faking it" in bed for years...and she's been desperately unhappy, too. He's missed the telltale signs of their imploding relationship because he's been on the road for most of the time, playing major league baseball for the Nashville Legends. When his wife asks for a divorce, Gavin is devastated. Desperate to figure out how to make things right, he turns to a small group of Nashville men who belong to a secret romance book club. Gavin's determination to save his marriage is a beautiful thing to witness, and his struggle to overcome his crushing insecurity is relatable on many levels. His wife's decision to search for a better life (rather than live the rest of her days sitting on the sidelines) is heroic and completely understandable. Rest assured, this book does contain a satisfying happily ever after.

Undercover Bromance (Book Two) gives us an inside look at Braden Mack, the man who founded the Bromance Book Club. Mack thinks he knows everything about how to charm the ladies, and he's ready to find his own happily ever after. He falls hard for Liv, who can't stand the sight of him. (Awesome, right?) Liv doesn't have time for a serial charmer like Mack. All of her energy goes into her job. She creates exquisite pastries for a powerful celebrity chef who runs one of Nashville's best restaurants. When Liv catches her boss harassing one of the restaurant's hostesses, she confronts him and gets fired. Liv knows he will continue to harass every woman in his orbit and vows to take him down. Braden Mack offers to help. He and his friends from the Bromance Book Club set up a sting operation to help Liv stop her ex-boss. A lot can (and does) go wrong, which makes this book a definite page-turner, and watching Liv attempt to resist Mack's roguish flirting is just so darned fun. You'll also get to see how Gavin and his wife are doing (from Book One), and you'll get to know more of the Book Club characters that appear in future books.

Crazy Stupid Bromance (Book Three) is a friends-to-lovers romance that picks up a few months after Book Two ends. Noah is a computer hacker/genius who helped take down the celebrity chef in Undercover Bromance. He's developed a deep friendship with Alexis, a cafe owner (and Liv's best friend). When Alexis suddenly discovers that she has a sister (and a father), she asks Noah to help her figure out if these new family ties are genuine or some sort of scam. Noah willingly uses his computer skills to track down the facts, but he's got a secret. He's in love with Alexis, but he doesn't know how go from best friend to boyfriend. Of course, Noah's friend in The Bromance Book Club offer to help. This book has all of the "feels," humor, and compelling subplots that every book by Lyssa Kay Adams seems to have. This story made me cry, twice. Not sad tears, mind you. They were emotional tears because gosh this book is so moving! Great stuff!

Next comes Isn't It Bromantic (Book Four). I cannot wait for this book. It's due to be released in July of 2021 and it will tell the story of my favorite Bromance Book Club member: Vladimir (The Russian). Vlad is a big, burly professional hockey player but he has a heart of gold. Throughout the previous three books, Vlad consistently provides laugh-out-loud comic relief and surprising demonstrations of tenderness to the people he meets. He's got an unfortunate lactose intolerance problem, he's been known to hug little chickens, and he's got a wife that no one has seen...until she suddenly shows up at the end of Book Three. I've read the blurb for Isn't It Bromantic and it's just fantastic!!! Vlad married Elena to give her a way out of Russia, but he's grown unhappy with this marriage of convenience. Vlad has joined The Bromance Bookclub to learn how to make his wife love him, but she's been living her entire life in the shadows, avoiding detection. I imagine that loving Vlad might be dangerous for her in many ways. This story promises to be absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

These books (written by Lyssa Kay Adams) are all winners. Highly enjoyable, thoroughly romantic, and great fun. They can be read out of order, but do yourself a favor and start with Book One. Happy reading!


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