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If you can sew, you can shade.

What you need:

1/8 yard cotton fabric

1/8 yard canvas (or any stiff fabric)

3 inches of elastic

Wonder Under fusible (optional)


Sewing machine (or you can hand stitch)

I avoid hats. They give me headaches AND they can be hot during the summer...but I do need shade over my eyes. How to get that without a baseball cap, you ask? Well, I always wear sunglasses so I decided to make a visor that sat on my glasses. And you know what? It works very well.

I estimated what size I'd need to fit my head (and glasses) and drew a little sketch. Then, I cut that shape out and used it as my "pattern." I cut two pieces of fabric that were about 1/2 inch larger than the pattern (for seam allowance. Then I cut two pieces of canvas (or any stiff fabric) that were slightly smaller than the pattern. The canvas gives the visor some sturdiness so that it can provide shade.

Next, I used some Wonder Under to fuse the canvas to the "wrong" side of one piece of fabric. Check to see if your visor is stiff enough to your liking. I decided to use two pieces of canvas, and that gave my visor the sturdiness it needed to provide shade (instead of flopping down on my face, 'cuz that's embarrassing).

If you'd like to put a piece of fabric on the underside of your visor, use another piece of Wonder Under to fuse the second piece of fabric to the underside of the visor (make sure the "right" side of the fabric faces out so that you can see it.) If you don't have Wonder Under, you can probably get away without using it. However, I did find that it gave some nice stability to the fabric.

This is the Wonder Under product I used. It's super easy to cut with scissors. I use this product often when I'm making appliqués or projects.

Okay, so you've got everything arranged. Now that the canvas is sandwiched between your fabric layers, fold the edges neatly and stitch around the entire outside of the visor.

Place your visor against your sunglasses to estimate where you'd like to sew two loops of elastic so that you can slide your visor onto the "arms" of your glasses.

Cut the amount of elastic that works well for you. I used about an inch of elastic on either end of the visor. Fold the elastic to make a loop and stitch it to the underside of your visor.

Voila! Slide your visor onto the arms of your sunglasses and you've got some comfortable shade that won't squish your hair or give you a headache. It's a win-win!

Thanks for making stuff with me!!




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